new tribes mission

"In my mind, guts and glory sums up NTM for me. 
Guts because they take the Gospel to places no one else is willing to go, and 
Glory, because their passion in to see Jesus Christ glorified in everything they do."
Pastor Dave Hills, Norfolk, Virginia

New Tribes Mission is an organization that lives 
on the words of Matthew 28. 
The founders themselves in 1942 decided:

              "New Tribe Mission's efforts shall be directed... where no witness of the Gospel has yet reached."

Founded in 1942, New Tribes Mission (USA) ministers among people groups isolated from the Gospel. Working within the context of the ethnic cultures and languages, missionaries establish churches with indigenous leaders who have been equipped with a Bible translated into their own language, and trained to disciple their own people, and reach out to neighboring villages and tribes.
NTM uses a team approach in the task of planting churches among ethnic groups. Its members serve in a variety of roles: Bible translation, church planting, mission aviation, education, training, administration and support.  NTM puts a strong focus on working with local churches to train , coordinate and send missionaries.
New Tribes Mission is non-denominational and international. NTM USA has its home office in   Sanford, Florida.

This is also where the Field Ministries Office coordinates NTM’s international church planting ministries.
Over 2500 NTM USA missionaries serve in North and South America, Europe and Asia-Pacific region. NTM USA has equal partners in Canada, Australia and the UK, Korea, Brazil, Indonesia and several other countries sending out missionaries totaling over 3300.
        R e l a t i o n s h i p s !   
The first  opportunity for tribal people to see Jesus is in missionaries’ relationships with them and with other missionaries. This is whay NTM’s specialized training focuses not only on church planting skills, but also on a growing walk with Christ.  Relationships grow in the years spent studying the tribal culture and language, and preparing for teaching. Trust develops as church planters give medical help and teach people to read and write.
As soon as the missionaries reach the required culture and language learning ability level, they begin to prepare Bible lessons, tailoring them for the tribal culture. They teach through the Bible, using a    chronological method, trusting God to enlighten minds and prepare hearts for the presentation of the Gospel.

Chronological Bible Teaching Method
The first story is the first story- creation. Then key Old Testament accounts ate presented chronologically. 
The lessons teach the holiness of God, God's love for men, and His plan for the Deliverer. By hearing and reviewing the main Old testament stories, the people receive a firm biblical foundation. 
When the missionary teaches the death, burial and resurrection of Christ, the people have a clear understanding of why Christ died and what He sis on the cross for them. Those who place their trust in Him realize that salvation is God's free gift to them. This provides a solid foundation for ongoing discipleship. 

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Letters from tribes
Here are three letters written from tribal people groups in Papua New Guinea to Brad Buser (a missionary of New Tribes Mission).
The Anu People
“Dear Brad Buser,
Hello, good morning. I’m Eipen Eino, I’m the leader of the Anu village. Now I’m carrying a big heavy about getting a missionary…please us dark ones of Anu are truly afraid for our lives. I’ve also got a worry for my friends here who live in darkness. So then I’ve got this worry…are you able to come and wash my eyes so I can see or not? Do you ones have a worry for those of us in the dark or not? I think we stink like rotten meat or what? Is that why you send no one to plant a seed in our Anu place? This is not new, for 18 years we have carried this heavy for nothing.”
The Sabimin People
“To: Brad Buser
Yes, brother Brad, now I’m here writing to you, do you remember our talk? Our meeting? You are a leader, you must listen well. If you’re a real leader you’ll help us, that is why we’re talking to you. Are you a trick leader or what? … If you are a leader, listen to us ones of Sabamin. We try and try but you don’t listen… Are you of God or crazy? Everywhere in every place the talk of God is there… Why not us? Talk to the leaders of your church and send us someone. Don’t give your backsides to us, are you clear on what I’m saying here or not? We have a huge desire for a missionary to come and live in our village and jungle. I’m Alus Nekibisap the writer”
The Sinou People
“What’s going on? Where is our help? Have you forgot about us? We of Sinou have not forgot about wanting a missionary, we carry a huge heavy constantly about this.We carry this heavy cause we fear for our lives. We know that the Bible says that you should come and tell us. Us dark ones need it… how will we go to God’s place if not? Only those who know will go, how will we know if no one teaches us? That is the whole of my worry, we want a missionary now to give us God’s talk.”


awayo  [fear to faith]

changed ["interface" experience]

wayumi  [tribal experience]