Monday, August 15, 2011

August update

Family News
This summer has gone by very fast. It is the middle of August already which means that Edina`s mom is coming to visit from Hungary in 2 weeks!!! We are all very excited to see her.

Scott has been working long hours this summer.
Benjamin and I (Edina) are home a lot. I am teaching him the Hungarian language and a lot of other things. He is healthy, active and loves to learn new things.
Deputation News
We are working on putting our ministry portfolio together that will contain information about us and our future ministry in Indonesia. We will send these portfolios out to churches who are interested in hearing about this ministry.
Our new 2011 ministry video is now available to view. We would love your feedback on it!
Our departure goal: November 2012

Thank you so much for reading our update!!!!!! 
Please pray for all those missionaries who are working overseas already!!! 

Until the last tribe comes to Him in faith,
Scott and Edina Lough

I want to give!

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