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May newsletter



I can do nothing? This is not a popular concept in America. Rush Limbaugh will not be exposing this idea!....... nor will the liberals!! We are the land of self made men.... of those who realize their inner potential.... who believe in themselves.... But when it comes to spiritual fruit bearing and Christian service, it is a foundational truth! Christ has called His Church to be fruit bearers. To go into the world and bear much fruit. Jesus tells us that it is impossible to bear fruit apart from abiding in Him.

What`s the plan?  Leaving soon??
As Scott and I look to the Lord to open the way for us to carry His light to a dark place on the Earth, we are aware that it must be the Lord who opens the way for us! 
This does not mean we are idle, we pray, we study His word, we serve, we seek opportunities to share the work in Indonesia and challenge others. 
Our plan was to leave this August, but now it looks more like sometime in the fall or winter. 

We hear from other missionaries that there are many tribal groups who are begging for missionaries to come to their village and teach them the "Creator`s Talk". 
We are willing, ready and waiting to go!

we are moving again! Move No.10 in 5 years! :)
We are so thankful for the house the Lord had provided for us for the last 11 months. But we are also excited to be able to move into our home church's, Jenison Bible Church's missionary house.
It is right next to the church!So we are packing, cleaning, organizing in the next 10 days. 
Our moving date: June 9 Saturday

Two Sundays ago we visited Alton Bible Church in Lowell, MI. We spent the day with Pastor Ford and his kind family (7 super-nice kids! :) and spoke at church in the evening. We were excited to answer a lot questions about Indonesia and about tribal church planting.  

Last Sunday we visited Church of the Open Door. It was a very encouraging time for us all!!
We had the whole service time to talk about Indonesia and the huge need for church planters and Bible translators there. 
Cool surprise: at the end a nice lady came up to us and told us that his husband was Indonesian!!! He passed away a few years ago but she said she still had 3 Indonesian friends in Hudsonville (they are believers) if we wanted to meet them. We would LOVE to meet them! :) So exciting!!!!

We still need partners!
If God is leading you to partner with us, we praise the Lord for you! 
Please see the "pray encourage give" page for more information!


We have full confidence that God will raise up the needed support for us to go!

Prayer Request:
* Scott is considering a 2-week mission`s trip to Indonesia in August. He would be going with an Italian team to do a work project in one of the tribes on the island of Borneo (Kalimantan). He would also be able to visit several other tribes in the region. 
Please pray that God will work out all the details if that is His will for him to go. 
He needs to raise approximately $2,500 for this trip. 
thank you!!!
Thank you for your prayers and support!! 

                                           Edina for the family

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