Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Visiting Alton Bible Church

We took off early on Sunday morning. We went to visit Alton Bible Church in Lowell, MI. Even though we only spoke at the evening service, Pastor Ford invited us to come for the whole day, have dinner with his family and spend the afternoon with them. 
About 10 minutes before we reached the church I noticed that a police car started following us. He followed us for about 5 minutes, we didn't do anything wrong but it was still..... yikes!! Scary! Nobody likes to be followed by a police car.

Alton Bible Church, Lowell, MI
we arrived at the church
ready to go inside
Scott and Benjamin in front of our display

on top: Shantall and Pastor Ken Ford
bottom: Pastor Ken is showing Scott the drawing of their old farm house which was burned down overnight about a year and a half ago.
 It was an amazing story really. Their 20 year old son, Justin woke up in the middle of the night and realized that the house was on fire. He screamed to the others to get out. God helped them all out of the house without harm. The family lost all their possessions in the fire, including their Christmas presents. 
The Ford family has 7 kids.  When we entered their kitchen, it was really fun to see most of them in there helping to get lunch ready. :) 
We had the best roast ever!! Thanks Shantall! :)
Scott speaking at the evening service
Benjamin had lots of fun playing with the boys
Hanging out and chatting with people after the service

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