Monday, July 16, 2012

weekend in kankakee

A HOT weekend we spent in Illinois. Tim and Tanya Berg are old friends of Scott. He was actually best man at their wedding. We stayed at their house the whole weekend. Thanks guys for feeding us, entertaining us, letting us intrude your house! 
The city of Kankakee, IL
Benjamin at the farmers' market
The Illinois sweet corn was SWEET!! :)
Benjamin had a fascination with the flowers
Sniffing pretty flowers
On Sunday morning we went to Grace Bible Church with our friends. To our surprise the guest speaker was none less than Dave Meyers from new tribes! He spoke about perseverance in our journey. It was very encouraging. At the evening service we had the privilege to share our testimonies and about the ministry that the Lord has called us to do in Indonesia. Many people came up to us afterwards with questions, or to tell us about their Hungarian relatives. That was very cool! :)
Benjamin having fun with his little friends
The Carmical family from Papua New Guinea, Dave and Carolyn Meyers from the NTM campus in Missouri and us
Beautiful memorial roses from Ecuador. They are just as tall as me.  5'3"
On the way home

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