Friday, November 16, 2012

It's official! + What you didnt know about Tarantella

We know that the Lord is never late and He always knows the perfect time for everything, but we have been anxious nevertheless to receive our official invitation letter from NTM ITALIA. We can gladly declare now: it has come! Thank you, Antonio and everyone else who was involved in getting it ready for us. We are stoked to go and start our ministry in Italy as soon as God raises our support.
Praise his name for everything!

A different topic: I was just flipping through a book about Italy and I found an interesting article about
The traditional Italian dance of TARANTELLA. Maybe you have heard of it.
"Italy's lively and graceful folk dance, the Tarantella, grew out of tarantism-the hysteria that appeared in 15th-to 17th century Italy, and was prevalent in Galatina. Alleged victims of the tarantula spider's bite could supposedly cure themselves through frenzied dancing which sweated out the poison."

I bet ya didn't know that! ;)

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