Saturday, February 2, 2013

Getting ready!

Getting ready! 
January 2013 UPDATE  
There are some real exciting things going on in our lives these days. We praise the LORD for all his doing! :) A couple of weeks ago the Lord has calles 3 new families to support His ministry in Italy through us. Praise the Lord!! and Thank you!! We are rejoicing! We are getting closer and closer to our departure date!

Scott is leaving for Italy in less than a week. (February 11) He will be gone for a whole month! 
Please pray for his trip to be productive, informative, blessed. Please pray for me (Edina) and Benjamin as we will be home alone. 

* We are still planning to leave for Italy in April.  God has been faithfully providing for all our needs these past few months, and we have full confidence that He will raise up the rest of our monthly support in His time. We are about $700 monthly support away from being able to leave. 
* He has provided the money for Scott's trip to Italy 
* We are healthy!

* for the Italian people
* for Scott's upcoming trip and safety for Edina and Benjamin back home. 
* for support raising uploading
* for patient hearts
* for all the details concerning our move to Italy 
* that we could stay encouraged and be an encouragement to others

Many of you asked us about our initial set-up costs once in Italy, so we created a page on our blog to list up the most urgent needs. 
For the list please CLICK HERE. Thank you!

Upcoming events

Our wonderful Core Group from our home church is a great help in organizing fund-raiser events for us. "A night in Italy" dinner and Moving Sale are coming up soon!

Learning Italian

Scott and I both are learning Italian every day. We are very excited about learning more and being able to speak to Italians soon and be part of an Italian church. 

Relationships are blessing!!

We are having friends and supporters over for dinner in the evenings. It is nice to share our lives with each other and play lots of TENZI!! :)  

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