Monday, March 11, 2013

Scott's final update from Italy

So I am eager to preach the gospel 
to you also who are in Rome. 
Romans 1:15

A night in Italy

Our wonderful missionary core group from our home church had
organized a fundraiser dinner for us last weekend.
The proceedings were for our initial set-up costs in Italy.
The night turned out wonderful, Scott and I want to thank
each one of you who worked hard behind the scenes or
came and enjoyed the evening. God's people raised
almost $6,000 that weekend!! Praise God!!! Thank you so much!!!
Scott is still in Italy (you can see his update below). He will return
on the 11th of March.(in 5 days :)
Our planned departure date is APRIL. We give thanks to God
who is raising our required support step-by-step. If the Lord is
leading you to join our support team, we praise Him for you!
CLICK HERE to see what God has provided so far and what are
the things that we are still trusting Him for.

*for Edina's American naturalization process to finish quick.
*for safe travels for Scott from Italy to the US
*for the salvation or the Italian people and for the believers
*that God will raise up the rest of our monthly support
*God's timing with our departure date
*more possible opportunities to share about the Italian ministry
in churches


Scott's final update from Italy

3 quick impressions of Italy

Italy is a warm culture so the people in general are more friendly
than in some other cultures. They are quicker to be talkative and
give opinions. They show their emotions rather than hiding them.
They speak openly about politics and ask your views and even
who you vote for.
* Italy is not warm and sunny all the time. I can count on one hand
 the number of sunny pleasant days since I arrived here. We have
barely reached 50 degrees any of the days I have been here, even
when I've been out on the coast it was chilly. But I'm told it is brutally
hot in the summer...... this fits my memories from my last trip here
which took place in the summer.
* Just because the people are warm doesn't mean they are open to
the gospel. They are hard and it is only through investing in long term
relationships that you earn the respect and trust needed to have an
effective ministry with them. This is what many Italian evangelicals
have told me and the missionaries as well.

Ministry in Italy
I have had the opportunity to talk to many young people here
about missions. There is a lot of interest in the churches.
Antonio, the director of NTM Italy tells me that the churches
here do a great job of teaching Doctrine. One area that they
are just beginning to grow in is the responsibility of taking the
Gospel to those who have never heard outside of Italy.
Currently there are 8 Italian students at the NTM training
centre in North Cotes, England.
Sunday I preached here in Pietracatella on the topic of God's will.
 I think it went well though it is always hard to tell with translation.
Maybe they heard a totally different message from the one I spoke. :)
The unsaved wife of one of the church members was here for the
We had had several prayer meetings during my time here.
It is a blessing to pray with and for my Italian brothers and sisters in
Christ. It also gives me insight into their lives and the things they care
about. Their concerns are very much the same things we care about
as Christians in the US. Unsaved family and friends, the economy,
the nation, health issues etc.

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