Saturday, July 13, 2013


Maybe you cant tell, but this is a NAMEDAY STAND. We celebrate name days in Europe (every name is assigned to a date in the calendar and we celebrate each others name days with parties, presents, flowers, chocolate etc). ON the top of the flower stand there is a sign that says "NAME DAYS THIS WEEK", so you can check if you know anyone that has a name day that week :)

Super cute HelloKitty  and Smurfs paper towels at the supermarket
Cuki Hello Kitty es Hupikek Torpikek papirtorlo a Tescoban

Papertowels embellished with the traditional Hungarian folk design
Magyar matyo himzeses papirtorlo

Riding around, getting our daily groceries
Biciklizunk, boltba megyunk

One of the two local Catholic churches
az egyik katolikus templom

Typical fences around the houses

Rachel Bilson goes here to get her haircuts :)

"National Tobacco Selling Place"
you see this sign at those 6000 stores in the whole country that were "lucky" enough to win the right to sell tobacco. Thats's right. The government started regulating tobacco sales and only gave out 6000 permissions. If you had a shop you could enter the draft and if you were among those "lucky" 6000, you could win the right to sell tobacco. Little wacky, but okay with me! :)
Oh, and there is a big 18 sign above the door. It means that no one under the age of 18 can enter the shop. 
We went in to one of these stores to get some water and the lady immediately told us that Benjamin couldnt come in. And I was like, HUH?! Then she just sent Benike and Scott out... then I was like, OKAY GOODBYE NOW... @_@

Coca Cola's new sale thing in Hungary. You  can buy coke with your name on it... :)

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