Sunday, March 20, 2011

Beautiful March---Gyonyoru marcius

 Now that the weather is turning nice more and more we spend a lot of time outside. The campus here is so beautiful. There are hills and the lake, several playgrounds and lots of paths to walk and hike.
Benjamin loves being outside. He loves running, throwing rocks, chasing puppies, going down the slide etc. 
Most hogy az ido szepre fordult, mind tobb idot toltunk a szabadban. Az iskola terulete nagyon szep. Vannak dombok, es a to, tobb jatszoter es sok turazo es gyaloglo osveny. Benike nagyon szeret kint lenni. Szeret futkarozni, kavicsokat dobalni, kiskutyakat kergetni, csuszdazni stb. 

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