Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Edina~s weekend trip

This was a special time with girlfriends. Kind of a last minute idea, but it worked out. A couple of my friends were doing a road trip from Missouri to Michigan and they picked me up for the weekend. 
We went up to Glen Arbor, beautiful little tourist town in Northern Michigan with little shops and restaurants.... and an unbelievable  beach with turqouise blue water and white sand. When I first saw how beautiful light blue the lake was I thought it could have been the Carribeans and not Lake Michigan. 
We stayed at my friend`s friend`s cabin on Lake Michigan. It was so nice and comfortable, a real treat!
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In the background: Glen Lake
A hatterben: Glen To
Mary and I on Lake Michigan
Mary es en a Michigan tonal

Lake Michigan
Michigan to 
Sherry and I
Sherry es en

At a ghost town
Egy kisertetvarosban

Sunset at Lake Michigan
Naplemente a Michigan tonal
At the ghost town
A kisertetvarosban

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