Monday, July 4, 2011

Our house in Michigan ----Hazunk Michigan-ben

It is so cool to finally settle down again and not live out of the suitcase for a change. We are almost unpacked. This house is such a blessing to us. We are grateful to be here. 
It is the 4th of July today. We decided to take the day easy since there is so much travelling and cleaning and packing and unpacking behind us. We took a bike ride in the morning, then Scott took Benjamin to see Cars2 in the cinema. It was Benjamin`s very first cinema experience and he loved it! 
Later in the afternoon we grilled some chicken and burgers and hotdogs and watched cartoons with Benjamin. 
Then Scott took Benjamin out for fishing while I am catching up on some emails and paperwork at home. 
I dont know if we are gonna go see some fireworks later. But either way it was a nice day. 
Olyan jo vegre megint megallapodni egy kicsit es nem a borondbol elni. Mar majdnem mindent kicsomagoltunk, amire szuksegunk van. A haz teljesen felszerelt, igy nem kell mindent eloszednunk. Nagyon szeretjuk a hazat, es halasak vagyunk erte!
Ma julius 4-e van, Amerika fuggetlenseg napja. Ugy dontottunk, hogy kenyelmesen toltjuk el a napot, mivel sok takaritas, csomagolas, koltozkodes, utazas all mogottunk. Reggel kimentunk biciklizni, majd Scott elvitte Beniket a moziba, a Verdak2-ot neztek meg, Ez volt Benike elso mozizasa. Nagyon tetszett neki!
Kesobb delutan grilleztunk csirket es hamburgert meg hotdog-ot es rajzfilmeket neztunk Benikevel. Aztan Scott elvitte Beniket pecazni en pedig itthon maradtam, van egy kis papirmunkam meg email-eket kellett elinteznem. Lehet, hogy kesobb kimegyunk majd valami tuzijatekra, de meg nem tudom biztosan. Jaj de jo nap volt!

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  1. Glad you guys made it safely to Michigan! We'll have to get together soon...when you've had a chance to catch up first though.
    Take care,


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