Friday, July 1, 2011

Our FUNNY CRAZY trip up to Michigan!

 Yeaaa.... we just got our fast internet hooked up a few minutes ago! GOtta love it! 

We made it home safely to Michigan on Monday night.. actually Tuesday morning, just after midnight.
It was a CRAZY trip, it ended up being a 19 hours trip instead of an 11 hour one. 
We had a loaded trailer and a loaded van and they seemed to run fine, then when we got to Illinois, the van (or the trailer) (we couldnt figure out which one) started making weird sounds
ナベアツ汗Scott was really worried and stressed.... he didnt want to keep driving and potentially blowing the transmission or something serious like that.
So from then on we pulled over at almost every exit on the hwy. Scott basically pulled the van and the trailer apart, changed the wheel bearings, checked everything etc..... but nothing seemed to make a difference. 
It was really windy that day too by the way.sei 
After a while we noticed that the sound would stop for a few seconds every time a semi truck would pass us or when we would pass a group of trees or housing.........
It took us a few hours to put it together..... All the sudden I got a thought, IT WAS THE SOUND OF THE WIND!!!  From that moment on I was watching the sound, it would stop again and again when we passed bigger objects. I was totally right!!!! 
ばいちゃんIt took me a few hours to convince Scott too that it was only the strong Illinois wind that made the weird sounds...Poor guy, he was so stressed and suspicious that it was hard for Him to believe it first. But then we just kept driving in spite of the sound, and guess what! When we got out of the Illinois, the noise stopped completely. And the van and the trailer ran fine!傘
But by then we were 5-6 hours behind schedule. So it was a little after midnight when we rolled into our drive way in Hudsonville. 
We are so happy to finally be here close to family and friends and our church. And the house..... the house is fantastic!!! I will post some pictures tomorrow. Thank God for this house! 
We are so blessed to have gotten it! 

Until tomorrow then.

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