Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Edina at the lady`s retreat :)

I really gotta pick it up and update our blog more often. It has been like a month and a half. 
No excuses though!
I (Edina) had a magnificent weekend. I went to a lady`s retreat with 32 other ladies from our church. Seems like I had been too full of myself to humbly give lady`s retreats a chance in the past. I always avoided them thinking "too many women, loud, crowded, intense, fluffy" etc. But I can say now that the first lady`s retreat of my life proved me utterly wrong!
Some amazing ladies put together a completely relaxing and meaningful couple of days at a sumptuous hotel. 
Friday night we had a toothsome dinner buffet with fried perch and lemon tartar sauce, kielbasa and saurkraut with an unbelievable carraway seed sauce, beef steak and baked mac-n-cheese with imported cheeses, blue cheese-spinach salad with raspberry dressing, dreamy soft and crunchy breadrolls and apple pie with cherry jubilee. I mean talk about being full... 
So with full stomacks we were ready for a nap. Instead we started a 7 part DVD teaching series by best-selling author Elizabeth George. Let me tell you it was 100 times worth it to stay awake for it. Throughout the series she shared 7 of her "favorite" life-changing verses from the Scriptures and how they effected her life. 
I took notes faster than ever not wanting to miss a word. During the two days of teaching I got so much "meat to chew", so many things to bring before my Father one-by-one to pray and think about.  I am planning to share some of those thoughts here soon. 

The never-run-out freshly squeezed lemonade in our crystal glasses and the unlimited Starbucks coffee-bar was a nice feature I thought. *Even though I dont drink coffee myself I do enjoy the smell.... :)
We also had several drawings for prizes throughout the weekend. How fun! I actually won the very last drawing! :)

Also have to mention Lori Schaeffer`s truly fascinating presentation on how to put together   cute little spring plant and flower compositions. Even me ("The PlantKiller") thought Wow that actually looks easy enough that maybe even I could do it. Thanks Lori!!!

And on Saturday after the last teaching and wrap-up session we had the utter pleasure to browse the famous Twelve Oaks Mall for a few hours. Had the chance to go to Hennes & Mauritz (AKA H&M) this lovely Swedish clothing store.... I know I know... here comes the European talk again bla bla bla...but I truly love European fashion! :) LoL. Naturally! 
Thank you Marsha, Diane, Val and everyone else! :) 
Here are some pics.
our sumptuous dinner
Large and beautiful fireplace in the lobby
My roomies
Marsha on my left
Elizabeth George, our speaker
beautiful plant compositions
the terrarium, I totally want to make one
Plants in a shoes. Table center piece
Hennes & Mauritz and ME

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