Thursday, March 22, 2012

Just some random thoughts......

We have been enjoying extraordinarily warm (hot) days lately in West Michigan. We are breaking a record, as I hear.
As I look around, I see the daffodils, hyacinths and other beautiful spring flowers and my heart is so full of gratitude. What a beautiful place we live in! We have so much! Lots of food, a house where we can live in peace, loving family and friends around us, a church family who is always there, we are healthy and happy....
God has blessed us with an abundance here in America.
It would be sooo selfish to just sit around in my whole life and enjoy myself. How would I be able to give an account to God???
In most of the world people are suffering, starving, dying in wars and diseases. Why am I different? Why am I here enjoying all that there is to enjoy, peace, abundance, love?
The answer: I am no special. God loves his children the same way whether they are suffering or not, hungry or not. I have a special responsibility to share the boon around. To give back. To give as much of my time and myself as I can.
I wanna be SALT. I wanna flavor people`s lives. I wanna show them Christ. I wanna be LIGHT. I wanna reflect His light. With every one of my breath I wanna live to represent Christ to the people I meet. So that they will know that in Christ we have EVERYTHING. We have SALVATION, we have the LOVE OF GOD, we have ETERNAL LIFE, the HOLY SPIRIT is within us.....

Thank you Lord!

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