Wednesday, May 9, 2012

6 things I learnt in 6 days while laying in my sick-bed

Maybe once or twice a year that I get knocked off my feet with sickness. 
But when I do I know that I can always count on Scott to take over for me. He has been faithfully taking care of me, not complaining. He is showing a good example to Benjamin how to take care of somebody when sick.
Here are a few things that I learnt while I was tied to my bed coughing up a storm. 

1. ハート水玉(濃ピンク)When you are helpless, thankfully accept the help that you get. 

I know I am a very particular person, I just like certain things in a certain way. There is nothing wrong with that, right?
I tried not to drive my poor husband to insanity by asking him to do stuff like 
"Papa, could you please turn the air humidifier 13 centimeters to the left?", 
"Papa, could you please use the little knife with the black handle for cutting the onions and use the canola oil instead of the olive and when you make my ice water could you please put exactly 4 ice cubes in there because I like symmetry in my glass?"
Even though I really really wanted to do that, I tried not to. 

2. Contrary to what they tell you, the MALES of the household really CAN feed themselves when push comes to shove. 

3. When God gives you the opportunity to rest, REST!
It has been utterly refreshing to have so much time to read the Word in tranquility and meditate on it. What a treat! I also had lots of time to follow along with my reading of The Feminine Appeal (which we are studying together in my Peacock Circle). FEED YOURSELF TRUTH is one of my mottos for this year and I have been thoroughly enjoying reading worthwhile materials. 

4. A simple text message or email can be SO encouraging to a sick person
Easy to feel isolated and lonely when you are sick. But when you get a nice facebook comment or a getwell-text message it is worth so so so much!! Or when you get a piece of the toothsome brownies that was served at your Growing Kids God`s Way class which you couldn`t attend.... Ohhh well that really warms your heart! :)  This thought me to keep my eyes open in the future for sick people around me and be an encouragement to them. 

5. No matter HOW much lotion they soak into a tissue, when you are sick you will look like Rudolph VERY quickly. 

6.  There is nothing like a bout of extreme ickiness for you to learn who truly loves you. To you -and you know who you are- thank you! I owe you and I am so grateful to you for being there for me. You are my unicorn!!! 

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