Saturday, May 12, 2012

Cool Instagram camera

People in certain cultures object to having their picture taken because they believe their soul, or a part of their mana, will be taken from them in the process.  Though the number of these people groups are less and less as "modern" civilization is breaking forth, not leaving many isolated places untouched. 
For this reason most tribal groups had some kind of an influence from the outside world, so they are "very" familiar with cameras, cell phones and computers. They themselves might (most certainly) not own one but most of them are far from believing evil spirits behind the lenses. 
 And if we are talking about cameras, check out this new super-cool *in my opinion* Instragram camera. 

Everybody loves the Instagram app. Now imagine it as a real camera that you can just pick up anytime! This is the main idea of ADR Studio at the base of Instagram Socialmatic Concept. A social camera with 16 GB mass storage, Wi-Fi, bluetooth, optical zoom, webcam apps, QR Code (Quick Response Code) capturing, LED flash (to improve low-light picture-taking abilities), internal printer, 4:3 touchscreen and two main lenses with possibility to put on some 3D filters. 

With the integrated printer you could print out your photography directly on Instragram Paper Sheets. Every Instagram printed photo reports your Instagram nickname and a QR code on the frontside. The Paper Sheets have a retro touch with a glue strip, just like a post-it. 
One day Socialmatic could be the first Instagram camera. 
So cool! I admit I had to look up the meanings of some of the features, but I must say I`m impressed. An integrated printer?? :) Hha! This is great!

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