Thursday, August 16, 2012

Immeasurable worth

I came across this great story in the book I'm reading these days called Sacred Influence by Gary Thomas.
I highly recommend the book to every wife who desires to grow in her marriage and her role as a wife.

Immeasurable worth

In the twelfth century, the vast wealth of Weinsberg Castle lay in peril. Enemy forces besieged the stone fortress and threatened the riches that at within. The inhabitants stood no chance of defending themselves against such a great horde, and the opposing forces demanded a full and complete surrender. If the occupants would agree to give up their lives, the women and children would be spared.
After consultation, the women of Weinsberg Castle asked for one provision: they asked to leave with as many possessions as they could carry. If the opposing forces would agree to this one request,the man inside would lay down their arms and hand over the castle's riches. Fully aware of the wealth of riches loaded within the castle, the enemy forces agreed. After all, how much could these women take?
Finally, the castle gates opened, and the sight that emerged elicited tears from even the most calloused soldiers. Every woman carried her husband on her back.
How many of those rescued men were perfect? Not one. But every one of those imperfect men meant more to their wives than anything they owned.

Where is y o u r greatest wealth?

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