Thursday, August 15, 2013

Getting excited!!!

We are getting so excited because our date of departure to Italy is coming fast!
We are planning to leave on the 1st of September. We are going to leave early and make the 15 hour trip in one day. Edina's mom, dad and brother are gonna take us down with the van that we borrowed from her uncle. (The whole family is participating in this in one way or another :)
We are so grateful for our family here, they are great! We have wonderful meals in their homes and hang out. 
We are also able to attend our Hungarian church's summer camp next week. We are going away for 4 days to Toalmas (near Budapest). This is where Word of Life Hungary operates. There is a beautiful castle there, a camp and many acres of forest and ponds and beautifulness! And I know that the pastor is preparing with some awesome teaching material too!

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  1. Jó volt találkozni veletek és beszélgetni, hálás vagyok, hogy Isten így vezetett! Nagyon sok áldást kívánok nektek! I'm excited for you and praying for you!



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