Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Trip to Lillafured

We made a little excursion to Lillafured (in the Zemplen mountains) with Edina's parents today. 
We were hoping that it would be somewhat cooler in the mountains, but it was very hot!
Scott had an episode at some point, he got dehydrated and we are suspecting he also got a stomach bug. 
So we cut our day short and came back to Hajduboszormeny. 
Ma tettunk egy kis kirandulast Lillafuredre a csaladdal. 
Remeltuk, hogy kicsit huvosebb lenne a hegyekben, de csalodnunk kellett. Ott is nagy forrosag volt. 
Scott rosszul lett delutan, kiszaradt, de egy kis gyomor bacira is gyanakszunk. 
Ugyhogy a tervezettnel korabban ertunk vissza Boszormenybe.  

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