Saturday, January 25, 2014

January Newsletter

Team Italy

We feel very blessed to have such a great team here at New Tribes Mission Italy! Let us introduce them for a moment.

Antonio Marino: Director of NTM Italy, Italian, grew up in Germany, studied in the US, passionate about tribal missions and an A.S. ROMA fan (soccer) :)
Dolores Marino: wife of Antonio, mama to 3 beautiful girls, Panamanian dad, Russian momma, speaks 5 languages, graphic designer, drives like an Italian! :)
Emmanuelle: Italian, grew up in Germany, A.S.ROMA fan, used to be a travel agent reviewing hotels all around the world, has a passion to reach Muslims.
Daniele Lorefice: Italian, grew up in the southern most town of Sicily, second generation evangelical christian, his family has been running a rustic summer camp ministry on their property by the sea for many years. A.C.MILAN fan! :)

Daniele has decided to join our team for at least the next 2 years! Emmanuelle is currently looking to the Lord for direction for his future. Please pray for both of them, for guidance and financial support. 

Home town, Petacciato

Petacciato's population: 3,488 people

Here in our home of Petacciato, Italy, we are among just a handful of believers. We are praying for ways and opportunities to further and spread of the gospel in our own town. Our first goal is to build a healthy fellowship among us believers here.
Pray: As we seek ways to impact our neighbors and community while building a strong testimony. 

Thank you!

Thank you so much for reading this newsletter.
Thank you for carrying us in your prayers as we sometimes struggle with homesickness and culture stress.
Thank you for allowing us to serve here as your hands and feet by giving financially.
Thank you for your friendship and love.
Please write to us, we always love reading news from home! :)
God Bless you!

Scott, Edina and Benjamin
Upcoming trip to Hungary
Praise: we found very cheap plane tickets.
date: February 5-13
* Need to get Benjamin's Hungarian passport
* Need to purchase a car
* Safe travels, health
Italians in training
Praise: we currently have 5 Italians in the English course and 3 Italians at the New Tribes Bible school in England.
* for their growth in the Lord

* they would be challenged to give their lives to ministry
* good relationship with their home churches
* finances

Edina's Italian studies
Praise: I feel like I have made a bigger step of improvement in the language around Christmas. I have been able to chat with people in church, with neighbors, shop owners. My Italian is still very "broken" and "rough" as I'm searching for words and expressions and conjugations in my head like crazy while conversing with people. It is exhausting!! :) Haha! But I am so glad to have been building relationships with Italians. I love them!!
* for discipline, motivation, passion!

* more opportunities to practice and speak
* more people to meet

Scott's Italian studies
We recently discovered a free language course in the neighboring city of Termoli. I began attending this course 2 weeks ago. I ride the bus there every weekday. I am also enrolled for a 2nd language course starting next week.
* for encouragement and progress in the language. Things are moving forward for me but I have a large mountain to climb before I reach fluency. 

He is adjusting well to the language and the culture. He spends about 8 hours in full-Italian school a day. He understands a lot already and speaks more and more every day. We are estimating he is gonna pass us in the language in about 6 months. :) LOL
* spiritual protection (Catholic environment)
* good friendships
* his learning of Italian
* health 


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