Sunday, February 23, 2014

Hungary trip briefly

1. The trip was good. 
2. What wasn't good: I was sick most of the time with a bad cold. Scott hurt his right shoulder, he has been wearing a sling.
3. We have bought a car. Renault Thalia. Finally. 
 4. Benjamin loved being in Hungary and see his Mita and Pita. (Hungarian grandparents)
He also loved seeing the demolition sites.
 5. With my brother. We are standing on the newly finished town square.
 6. Waiting for our train
 7. The guys....being all cute
8. I ate lots and lots of pastries during that one week. Poppy seed pastries (my favorite), sour cherry pastries, walnut pastries, cheesy pastries, cheese curd pastries...

9. It took us 16 and a half hour to drive back to Italy
Arriving to the Italian border felt really good. Like...going HOME! :)
Yes, I love cloud photos. This one was bellissima! :)
This little guy LOVED sticking his head out the window and have the wind blow in his face 
Budapest on an early Sunday morning 

10. We are grateful grateful grateful!!!

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