Friday, May 23, 2014

The festival of San Nicola and studying Italian

Hi! A couple of weekends ago we had the festival of San Nicola in our town. As far as I know it is a national  religious holiday, although the stores are open regularly as usual. There was a big fair on the main street for 3 days, market vendors with toys, accessories, food etc, concerts, processions. 
We walked up a couple of times to take Benjamin to the fair and to do our usual passeggiata [stroll]. 
How interesting that even on a religious holiday everything is so commercialized. 
We saw two (Catholic) processions, seemed like the whole town joined the march. A band led the crowd, they also carried the life-size statue of San Nicola around. People were following. We first stepped outside on our porch to see the procession, later we just peeked out of our window. It was so sad to see this...the statue....and people following... 
We pray that it will be Jesus Christ who is followed by many people in this town.

On this little video below you can also see our landlord and landlady from whom we are renting our house. They are believers and they have really been such a blessing and help to us. They are great friends and we thank God for them! :)
We do a lot of studying and drilling vocabulary together with Scott. Sometimes, when we cant stand to be in the house anymore we drive out somewhere nice and enjoy the fresh air and Italian grammar. "_"

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