Thursday, May 8, 2014

This is what happens when you pray that God would help you get to knowmore people in town

I honestly don't know how to even start telling you what happened to me today. [Wednesday]

I am still very shaken up and it physically hurts to think about it. I keep reliving moments of it in my head and it literally makes me nauseous.
After this dramatic preface I hope I wont disappoint with the story.

The brief version:

I picked up a ball on the beach believing it to be abandoned or washed up from the water since no one was around. All the sudden this angry guy pops up out of nowhere with a 2-year-old and started yelling at me, calling me a thief and called the police on me! The whole thing was surreal, he wouldn't hear a word when I tried to tell him I didn't mean to steal anything. He was very very mean and harsh and he also told the police that I tried to take his SON and his thingS... @o@  I was so shocked and upset, I was crying the whole time, the police came out, I explained everything, they were annoyed by this guy and tried to comfort me. Turns out one of them was the police chief and the same guy who helped us the previous week when we reported our missing bank card. [He loves Americans] He greeted me with a smile, they got rid of the guy after "taking his report". He told me nothing is going to happen, this is nothing, really not to worry about it. "The guy was CRAZY"-he said to me [in English]. Then Antonio and Daniele [co-workers] arrived [to my rescue] and we all started chatting. I was still shaking, upset and crying, the officials kept comforting me, giving me Kleenex etc :) It turned out to be a nice conversation about New Tribes and faith and about what we are doing here in Petacciato. We even took a picture together! :) LOL
What a way to turn such a stupid incident into something so cool!! Thank you Lord! Building relationships with the local police meanwhile!
Poor Scott was "stuck" at home during all this because I took the car down to the beach. I called him sobbing when the guy first told me that he was calling the police. He then called Antonio and Daniele who were at different places at the time but hurried to me quick. When I finally got home he waited me with a cup of tea, then he held me and we talked about what happened for a couple of hours. I love him!

Okay. So that was pretty dramatic. After our long talk I told Scott I didn't know how to move on with my life after all this. He suggested to go and watch a cooking show. The man is wise.

Now are you ready for another cool story?
I left an hour earlier to pick up Benjamin from school and took a nice walk around town. To calm my nerves and to get some exercise. When it was time to pick up the bambino I arrived at the school. I saw one of the moms i knew pulling up to the school so I went up to her and greeted her with a cheerful "Hi how are you doing?" [in Italian]. She got out of her car, took off her sunglasses and I realized that it wasn't even the person I thought she was.
I had no idea who this lady was yet I greeted her as if we were homies. :)
I was not about to admit I mistook her for someone else so I just kept chatting and tried to act natural.
[but inside I was like...@_@ ]
She seemed to go along with our little chat and actually seemed like she really did know me!
Turns out she lived right across the road from us and knew us by sight! She had been wondering about us, what we were doing in Petacciato etc. She invited me over to her house and even gave us a ride home! :)
I just made a new friend! :)
Thank you Lord, only you can do such crazy twists in our story!

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