Saturday, January 31, 2015

Long time no see

Wow, I just realized that we haven't posted on this blog since last November. 
Here are some quick random photos to pick up where we left off. 

This is me working at the NTM Italy office. I help out with any type of office related jobs, translating between English and Italian (with the supervision of a native Italian, since I still have lots to learn), I'm responsible for the Tribal Ambassadors project which attempts to connect Italian churches with tribal works from all over the world with the main purpose of praying for them, we are working on a possible future English testing program for the Italian students etc. There is always something going on. 

Next picture is Anders and Nathalie Borstad, an American couple from the Bible school in Jackson. They had some free air miles and came to Italy. They came down to visit NTMI Italy for a few days in January. 

Benjamin has been taking an afternoon homework class with an Italian language helper. This is to help him catch up to his native classmates in the Italian language. 

On December 31 we met up with the awesome Roth family in Girincs, Hungary. It is a little village in north east Hungary and happens to be the birth place of their grandmother. They came down for a day to find out more about their family history. I was their interpreter for the day and we had lots of fun. Benjamin just loved hanging out with a English speakers for a change! :) hehe

This is our Christmas picture made in Hungary at my parents house where we spent the holidays. 

And finally, Team NTM Italy!
Blessed New Year to everyone! ❤️

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