Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Scott preaching at an African church

Have you noticed no one is smiling in the picture except for Scott?

Last week I had the opportunity to speak in an English speaking African Church. We had about 25 people in the service. My message was on serving one another and the text was from Philippians 2.
The opportunity came about several months ago when I met Clifford, on my right in the picture, selling socks in a mall parking lot. We started chatting in English and I learned that he is from Nigeria and has a small church that he is pastoring which is composed of Nigerians and Ghanans. He is trying to reach the refugee community with the Gospel in his area. He invited me to come and speak sometime and encourage the brothers there. He also requested some Bibles in English if we could find some. My co-worker Daniele purchased some from one of his contacts here. So this last week I made the hour and a half drive to the church and preached in the morning service. 
  We had no instruments except our voices and our hands(which got quite a workout) which we used to praise the Lord for a good half hour. (I was told they cut it short so as not to keep me there too long) I really enjoyed my time there and have an invitation to come back again and preach another message.  
  Please be in prayer for the Sivi Marina African Church as they labor for the Lord and seek to reach the African Community here in Italy.

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